hot cocoa and pie

" Henry may join the family business “ 

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Anonymous: "So, what's your poison?"

um.. what? 

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the hair extensions in ouat are as bad as the cgiimageimage


i know i just????? the more i look at this picture the more it reminds me of this 

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the hair extensions in ouat are as bad as the cgi

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do you ever want to cry because everytime Rumple looks at Roland he probably sees baby Bae 

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are people who do not want nealfire flashbacks in s4 freaking serious

like all your favorites characters are probably still alive and we, nealfire fans, can’t have a flashback once in a while because you don’t like him ?

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white-magician: "Swanchester is the best thing I've seen in my life and OMG your gifs are awesoooooome!! Will you do some sets of Dean meeting Emma's parents? :) :) :)"

Thank you!!! :3 Of course I can try!! :) 

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so i basically just found out that my mom would’ve actually been okay with me going at Fairy Tales Convention in Paris BUT NOW IT’S TOO LATE I CAN’T GO I JUST 

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