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the hair extensions in ouat are as bad as the cgiimageimage


i know i just????? the more i look at this picture the more it reminds me of this 

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the hair extensions in ouat are as bad as the cgi

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do you ever want to cry because everytime Rumple looks at Roland he probably sees baby Bae 

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are people who do not want nealfire flashbacks in s4 freaking serious

like all your favorites characters are probably still alive and we, nealfire fans, can’t have a flashback once in a while because you don’t like him ?

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white-magician: "Swanchester is the best thing I've seen in my life and OMG your gifs are awesoooooome!! Will you do some sets of Dean meeting Emma's parents? :) :) :)"

Thank you!!! :3 Of course I can try!! :) 

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so i basically just found out that my mom would’ve actually been okay with me going at Fairy Tales Convention in Paris BUT NOW IT’S TOO LATE I CAN’T GO I JUST 

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Supertime | the impala driving through the opening title card

Because I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and I finally got it to look just right (well, as satisfying as I’m ever gonna feel with it). Feel free to use if you like it or wanna use it for anything but please, if you could, credit me! I’m really proud of and excited about this lol.

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